Is Bollywood reusing and reusing old Hindi melodies again and again??


Dheere-Dheere se

Mumbai, Sep 6 (CINEWS) :Time travel may not be a reality just yet, but rather with a few Hindi film tracks being returned to in a major manner and being “reinterpreted” or ‘reexamined’, there is a feeling of let’s not bring that up again. The late 90s were notorious for its remixes of old tunes, however, today’s adjustments of hits are a great deal more than out and out spreads or renditions. Much work goes into making a cherished tune a contemporary hit and it’s working — that is the general assumption.

Some place, throughout the years, as old tracks offered an approach to new ones on playlists, the enchantment or delight of listening to that track one cherished, was lost or overlooked. At that point, there’s the hashtag era who are about the most recent, freshest and freshest. They’re a developing business sector/gathering of people and one that can’t be overlooked. In a socially arranged world, being seen and the saw is the only thing that is in any way important.

One then sees it as something of a test and a danger to making a go at burrowing around for old tunes to modify and make new. However, music names are doing it in light of the fact that it lives up to expectations. Bhushan Kumar, CMD, T-Series, says, “With the way groups of onlookers have acknowledged the sort of melodies, it’s an awesome time to reproduce the old tracks with a cutting edge touch to it. It’s the time where old tunes with a changed tune and amended verses are working marvels. With respect to promoting, these tunes are as of now in everybody’s playlist except we need to showcase the more current forms and transform them into individuals’ top choices.”

Sanujeet Bhujabal, Marketing Director, Sony Music India concurs. “There are a ton of occasions in which old melodies, whether of International or Indian collection, have seen another surge of life subsequent to being set in another film.

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