Is Brad Pitt’s ex Jennifer Aniston heading for a split now!

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Jennifer Aniston…JustinTheroux closeness to his ex makes her furious.

Is Jennifer Aniston heading for another divorce; just after her ex Brad Pitt’s separation from Angelina Jolie?

While JustinTheroux, 45, has been with Jennifer, 47, for four years, he has maintained a pretty good relationship with Heidi Bivens, 40, since breaking things off with her in 2012.

He has always been straightforward with Jen about the friendship he has kept with his ex-girlfriend, a source told InTouch, but that hasn’t kept Jen from being skeptical. And after catching Justin on the phone with Heidi recently, Jennifer couldn’t help thinking that her hubby was up to more than just chatting.

According to a source, though, Justin has let Jen read his text messages to prove he is actually innocent. “He gave Heidi business advice and the messages were work-related,” the source added. “He wanted to prove there’s nothing untoward about their communications, but Jen flies off the handle and says he’s obsessed with Heidi.”

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Sounds like somewhat of a vicious cycle, unfortunately. Even if Justin really isn’t cheating on Jen, the fact that he’s still in touch with his ex is getting to her, which could easily cause her to end things with Justin eventually.

Angelina Jolie just filed for divorce from Jen’s ex-husband Brad Pitt, so it would’ve been terrible (and extremely ironic) if another huge Hollywood couple was over at the same time! In fact, we’ve heard Jen is “taking the high road” as her ex goes through his divorce from Angelina…and we have a feeling it’s probably because her relationship is doing just fine!


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