Is enigmatic Salman Khan changing?

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Salman Khan has reportedly gifted his girl friend with her sketch.

The tempestuous love affairs that actor Salman Khan has been having with his girl friends dented his image, portraying him as a dominating boy friend seen as someone ‘possessive’, ‘bullying’ and ‘bossy’.

His relationship with former girlfriend Aishwarya Rai was the talk of the town at the time. He was even accused of domestic violence while he was dating Rai. His relationship with Katrina Kaif fared no better.

However, what he is alleged to have done in the recent past can signal a change of heart in the superstar who commands lot of clout and respect in the Bollywood. The actor has reportedly gifted his rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur a sketch of her-self.

Iulia shared the sketch on Instagram without revealing who made it. However, the signature on the sketch looked a lot like Salman’s, according to a report in the media. Iulia was also taken by surprise. She displayed a lot of delight after receiving this wonderful gift. She posted it on her Instagram account and wrote, “for a second try to see you through the eyes of a stranger, your loved one and an old friend.”

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The clue is that she may have referred Salman as the loved one and an old friend. Yet, when she says – “to see through the eyes of a stranger”, we wonder what she exactly means. Gifting a painting to your girlfriend is one of the most romantic gestures that a man can think of as it requires lot of dedication and time and as we know Salman is not a kind of man who has lot of free time.

Meanwhile, Salman and Iulia continue to elude the paparazzi. They are often seen together at family occasions. The rumours of their marriage are already doing rounds on social media.

His fans can only marvel at his recent gesture. Salman is not someone to express himself freely. He has always been very reserved and protective about his private life. But this gift to Iulia might be the beginning of a new phase in the life of Salman, different from his past relationships bordering on something like a case of  ‘fatal attraction’!,

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The other day we heard actress Sonakshi Sinha is having an auction for her painting  beginning from August 2 on eBay India. Will Salman be the next one? – CINEWS

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