Is it time to lower down melodrama in daily soaps?

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By A.Kameshwari

New Delhi, Mar 15 (ANI): Ever since the television industry has grown in the country, the amount of melodrama and unrealistic situations in daily soaps has grown as well.

In such times, there is a constant query on whether extreme melodrama in Indian television serials should be cut down or not.

ANI spoke to few actors from the television industry and this is what they had to say-

“We look down upon our melodrama not knowing that it is an essential part of drama. Why western melodrama or stage plays are appreciated, but if the same thing is done in Indian entertainment industry it is not even respected? Very few understand the different forms of dramas and Indian industry excels in melodrama. I agree that a lot of things are exaggerated in television industry but that does not mean one can demean the art,” Amit Behl told ANI.

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While Amit Behl believes that there is nothing abnormal about over melodramatic Indian serials, Meghna Malik, Amit’s co-star in an upcoming Star Plus serial ‘Dehleez’, said if the world is changing, then of course, scripts have to reflect that change too.

“Oh, it is so much important to make the melodrama subtle because what is happening in shows these days is not at all the reality. The serials mostly do not show how we live in our day to day life. Our cinema has changed drastically and is in a beautiful phase. So, when everything on a big level is changing then why not bring in a change in serial scripts too,” she said.

With changing society and thought process, we do have real subjects and real circumstances taking on the ‘dreamy’ situations of serials, but often we see that either the serials end abruptly or the same old trick of stretching the serials take over the scripts making them weak.

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Deciding on what is ‘normal’ seems to be debatable, but it is very clear that there is indeed a change one witnesses in the kind of serials that are being made. (ANI)

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