Is Official! Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ to be on Apple Music

Washington DC, June 26 (ANI): Taylor Swift took to Twitter to announce that her latest album ‘1989’ will now be available on Apple Music.

The news comes after the tech giant took the 25-year-old seven-time Grammy Award winner’s statement in consideration, and decided to pay artists for music streamed during their service’s three-month free trial period, TechCrunch reported.

Earlier, Swift had declared that she would not give her album to Apple Music as a protest of to their “no-payment for artists during trial period” ruling, saying that found it shocking, disappointing and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company, who has been her best partner in selling music.

However, SVP and iTunes chief Eddy Cue quickly responded that they would revise their policy and pay the artists even during free trails. (ANI)

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