Is Prabhas the new Salman Khan of the film industry?


Mumbai, July 23 (CINEWS) Prabhas, better known as Baahubali, has won the hearts of many not just in South India, but around the world now. The charismatic actor enthralled like a real Baahubali on the screen, bringing to us the memories of Gerard Butler of 300 fame, Shahrukh Khan of Asoka and Salman Khan of Veer. The eight back abs with bulging biceps, the charm to woo ladies and the will to perform gravity defying stunts demonstrate that he qualifies as the new Salman of the Indian film industry.

Just like Salman, the bare-chested hunk, Prabhas, has shown off what he’s got when flexing his muscles in the role of Baahubali. The 6’2” actor looks huge as he climbs a mountain, fights like a warrior, lifts the ‘shivling’ and stops the golden statue from falling. All of this added to his overall masculine appeal.  Prabhas was trained by former Mr. World bodybuilding champion- Laxman Reddy who helped him to gain around 20 pounds of biceps to play Baahubali on screen.

Clearly, Prabhas worked very hard for this role and he did a fantastic job. If you haven’t seen this film, you definitely want to check it out!

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