Is Priyanka Chopra is dating an NRI?

Mumbai, November 13 (CINEWS):Globetrotting performing artist Priyanka Chopra, we listen, is seeing a US-based NRI. As per a dear companion of PeeCee, “She is certainly seeing another person. He is all that she needed in a man. In the event that you solicit me, he is a mix from Shahid Kapoor and Gerard Butler.priyanka_chopra_beautiful_eyes

We are alleviated at the news in light of the fact that her last relationship was plainly going no place.”

Priyanka, who lives out of a bag and flies in the middle of Mumbai and LA with disturbing recurrence, now has more motivation to stay back in the US.

“Prior it was simply work and she used to surge back to India to be with her mom. In any case, now she prefers investing more energy in the US with the man she will ideally fabricate a future with,” includes her companion.

Wonder when the on-screen character will be interested in discuss the new playmate.

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