Is Shah Rukh Khan attempting to rival Akshay Kumar?

Mumbai, October 27 (CINEWS): Shah Rukh Khan as of late proclaimed that he would do three movies in a year on a normal after he finishes his 50th birthday on 2 November.Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar race for Eid releases

SRK has obviously been occupied in the later past attributable to his generation wanders however now his birthday determination is by all accounts to do upwards of 15 movies, of distinctive classifications, in the coming five years.

“I need to do whatever number movies as could reasonably be expected before I bite the dust. It has been four or five years that I have ended up maker. I began feeling that in the most recent one year, I am not doing numerous movies that I can really do. I am simply doing one film in a year and I am feeling lethargic,” Times of India cited Shah Rukh as saying amid a media association on the arrangements of “Dilwale”.

“I need to do distinctive parts. Along these lines, I chose that from the age of 50-55, I need to do 15 exceptionally pleasant filsm and that will incorporate mainstream movies, unique movies, distraught movies and some more. I will do various movies. I need to do three movies in a year,” the “Dilwale” performing artist included.

While, Shah Rukh has been doing only one film in a year, Akshay Kumar is the main whiz in Bollywood, who has been reliably doing three to four movies every year.

Akshay, who is preparing for two or three up and coming motion pictures including “Carrier” and “Housefull 3”, is referred to for his time administration abilities as he finds himself able to set aside out extensive time for his family occasions even in the wake of doing four movies in a year.

Aside from being the main whiz, who is equipped for offering three movies on a normal in a year, Akshay is additionally one of only a handful few Bollywood on-screen characters (barring the Khans), whose movies have been entering the Rs 100 crore club.

While, Shah Rukh’s film industry record is vastly improved than Akshay’s, is SRK now attempting to be at standard (if not above) with the last, as far as the quantity of movies in a year? Let us know what do you think in the remarks area.

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