Is Sussanne Khan gossiping about Kangana-Hrithik fight?

Mumbai, April, 25 (CINEWS):It’s human inclination to talk about other people  and if those other individuals happen to be Bollywood superstars then the interest level and tension is ten-folds.hrithikkngna

To add to it, if the celebs being referred to are Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, who are right now involved in what could be known as the ugliest fight in court ever, then the interest of individuals knows no limits. Furthermore, it appears Hrithik’s ex Sussanne Khan too is no special case.

According to a report on, the mother of two was caught tattling about her ex’s on-running legitimate tussle with performing artist Kangana Ranaut. The report expresses that Sussanne was en route back Mumbai from Istanbul with her sister-in-law Malaika (Zayed Khan’s wife) and dad Sanjay Khan when she was caught discussing Hrithik and Kangana’s fight in court and obviously, Sussanne sounded somewhat worried about the entire fracas that has left the whole Bollywood industry shaken no doubt.

Presently, what precisely did they examine and what precisely happened to be a piece of their genuine discussion is not yet uncovered, but rather one thing is without a doubt, the Khans too are somewhat bothered about the whole Roshan-Ranaut brouhaha.

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