Is Virat Kohli attempting to woo Anushka Sharma with AR Rahman’s help?

Virat Kohli is not only a pro cricketer, he is additionally a complete entertainer. He gives his bat a chance to do the talking when he is on the field, however off it, he is the brash Delhi chap we all have grown to love.virat-anushka-insta

He recently was seen on  the cover  of GQ  magazine and shocked every one of us with his hotness. Now, other than modelling, he has also taken to the mike.

Virat is going to sing the official song of praise of Premier Futsal, which will be created by none other than the Mozart of Madras AR Rahman. The feisty cricketer will sing the rap segments of the anthem. Though Virat is huge fan of Rahman , yet he is feeling very nervous. As indicated by Virat, he grew up listening to his songs and now he can’t believe that he is going to work with his idol.  We wonder what Anushka Sharma will think when she discovers that her ex can sing as well. If there is any sourness between the two, we are sure it will vanish right away!

BWhat’s more, Virat has already proven that he is one hell of a dancer with his bhangra moves. So now he can sing, dance, play like a god and look smoking at the same time!? Seems that way fellas. No wonder the ladies are all drooling over him.  – CINEWS

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