ISIL claims responsibility for Danforth shooting: Report

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While friends, family and the media by and large have painted Faisal Hussain the Danforth shooter as a suffering and mentally-disturbed ‘victim’. ISIL has reportedly claimed responsibility for Sunday’s mass shooting on the Danforth that left two girls dead and 13 others injured.

According to reports, a news agency that claims they track extremism says a statement made by the group claims Faisal Hussain “was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the attack in response to calls to target the citizens of the coalition countries.”

However, the group did not provide further detail or evidence for its claim.

However, Mayor John Tory cautioned Torontonians to await the findings of the local authorities before making any conclusions.

The motive behind the Danforth mass shooting remains a mystery and the media has largely made this out to be a victim-on-victim Greek tragedy.

There is no evidence Hussain had a criminal record and, according to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, he was not on a federal watch list. There are reports that police have been aware of his online activities, but no details as to what kind of online viewing caught their attention.

Toronto police wouldn’t confirm or deny any links to terror, saying: “We are still in the early stages of the investigation. No determination will be made on a motive until we have evidence to support that conclusion.”

If it does emerge later that this young and troubled man was indeed an ISIL foot soldier who found solace in their propaganda and religion, it may give credence to a widely held view that religion is really a mild form of insanity. Anyone with mental health issues should really be cautioned to stay away from internet sites purporting to offer religious instruction. – CINEWS

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