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Islamist extremists infiltrating Canadian politics, claims PPC leader Bernier

According to the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Maxime Bernier, Islamic extremists are infiltrating Canadian political parties and political party leaders are pandering to them for votes.

Bernier was responding to questions about whether he shares views espoused by the guest speaker at his party’s inaugural conference. Benjamin Dichter contended that the Liberal Party of Canada is “infested with Islamiscists” and that Canada is suffering from “the stench of cultural relativeness and political Islam”.

“If we don’t talk about this now, and we don’t talk about immigration at the same time, our country risks become something it isn’t, in 25 or 50 years,” he said, in French.

“Look at Andrew Scheer. He went out of his way to meet Islamist extremists to get their votes,” Bernier asserted, offering little evidence.

“You reproached me for having my picture taken with someone at a public event that I didn’t know,” Bernier told journalists, referring to pictures he has posed for with a white nationalist and members of an alleged hate group. “But Andrew Scheer, he went to meet an Islamist extremist who tells people how it is good to beat your wife, and how to beat them.”

Bernier, the party said, was referring to Omar Subedar, a Toronto-area imam who has been the subject of controversial conservative Rebel Media videos as well as a recent posting in Jihad Watch.
Dichter gave a rousing speech Sunday, bringing the crowd of approximately 340 to their feet, as the delegates — candidates from across the country — appeared to enthusiastically greet his message with one standing ovation after another while waving PPC flags and the Canadian maple leaf in the air.

In his speech, Bernier noted his is the only party willing to talk openly about the “Islamist menace”.

Bernier took to the stage to address his candidates, who had come from across the country for the weekend meetings. Bernier may not have a serious pathway to becoming PM, but by raising these issues, he keeps them front and centre of public consciousness and with immigration concerns expected to be an important issue in these upcoming federal elections, what Bernier says on the issue will at least give voters something to think about and of course, other party leaders will be forced to state their positions and defend themselves and their policies from Bernier’s bluster. -CINEWS

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