ISRO getting ready front-end chip for navigation signals

Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh), March 10 (IANS) The Indian space agency is in the process of getting ready the radio frequency chips for its satellite navigation system, a top official said on Thursday.

“We are in the process of developing the front-end chip. The initial version is expected to be ready this year,” A.S. Kiran Kumar, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman, told IANS here.

Named as the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), the system consists of a constellation of seven satellites of which the sixth was put into orbit on Thursday.

He said the seventh navigation satellite will be launched next month.

Kumar said the signals from the fifth navigation satellite-IRNSS-1E- launched last month is being received.

He said the information received from the orbiting navigation satellites have been uploaded in the organisation’s website and already some are making receivers.

Meanwhile ISRO was gearing up for series of launches this year.

Speaking to IANS P. Kunhikrishnan, director, Satish Dhawan Space Centre said: “Next month the seventh navigation satellite-IRNSS-1G will be launched. This will be followed by the launch of India’s Cartosat-cartography satellite- and couple of small satellites in May. The two launches will be done using the PSLV (polar satellite launch vehicle) rockets.”

“In August communication satellite INSAT-3DR will be launched using GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle),” Kunhikrishnan added.

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