It’s attitude that makes the difference in Seema Gill’s life

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Seema Gill has one hell of a remarkable story, she has repeatedly triumphed over tragedy, lives in the moment and respects time. After the birth of her first daughter, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following that devastating news, Seema and her husband Deep (Deepinder) embarked on a spiritual journey, after chemotherapy and surgery she defied the odds of having another child, a miracle was born.
Last month she shared her poignant story at the Pink Attitude Gala where she received an award. Here she is in an exclusive interview with Can-India.

Deep, Seema and their daugthers Tarah and Niyah

What’s your philosophy of life?
I am not a survivor necessarily, I have gone through the journey and embraced that moment and continued to live and reach for my dreams. For me its very important to show my daughters that through any challenge or road block that we continue to strive and live daily.

Tell me a little about your early years.
I am actually a farm girl at heart. I grew up on a farm in Milton and my days would start at 5 AM while we would work on the farm and then by 7am I would be at school as I was an avid sportsmen and our practices would start bright and early. Those were some of the best years of my life on the farm. In hindsight, I learned the value if hard work, determination and discipline. I think this was my foundation to everything else that I experienced in life. Attending Ryerson University my passion was to study art but I took the way of IT. So with that I use my creative side and continue to create on the side while working as a Technology Manager.

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How did you cope with being diagnosed with breast cancer?
My initial reaction was complete and utter devastation. My first daughter was only 10 months at the time and that’s all I could think of was I couldn’t leave her.
While I was away, my experiences during this journey were undeniably life changing and brought me to a point rock bottom and gave me a spiritual re-birth. Through this journey I realized the true meaning of the calm before the storm – and further where we all sometimes fail to realize, but the gifts and miracles after the storm. I have learned to trust the universe and that mighty miracles are meant for everyone.

Do you feel fulfilled professionally?
Currently I work alongside my husband as through our journey we found a passion where we could mix creativity and travel. and I still maintain my technical position within the IT industry. If there is a message I could give to anyone, that would be to treat every journey as a journey not an obstacle and not to give up on life because those are the moments where we learn the most and if we want our drive is “killer’ we can be untouchable and achieve many things.`

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What does motherhood mean to you?
Motherhood is such a privilege and on my journey I have learned that love is really the end all and be all of things. Loving my children and being with them to enjoy every moment has been such a joy. For me, through my experiences I want to be able to live by example. motherhood is not to just love and nurture but it’s to teach your kids things like – in the moment of hardship how can we overcome with focus, heart and love in our path.

You still have challenges in your personal life, how do you cope?
My youngest daughter has been going through Febrile Seizures since she was 12 months old. They are when she is sick and when her temperature rises quickly. To date I can’t even count how many she has had but in the last few months it’s been at least once a week. Needless to say it has been many sleepless nights but the light at the end of this tunnel is that she will grow out of it….its just a matter of time. She definitely keeps us on our toes but she is my miracle after Cancer and I know that God has big plans for her and has brought her into our life for a purpose. – CINEWS

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