‘It’s Time’ video tells citizens about corrupt US politics

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Lobbyists’ Liquid Lunch: In the series latest segment, “The Plan,” actors Alan Nelson (left) and Griffin Gardner portray pharmaceutical lobbyists strategizing on how to influence proposed legislation to gain advantages for their industry and improve their firms’ bottom lines.

AUSTIN, Texas and SAN ANTONIO — “It’s Time,” a new web-based video series, began airing dramatic segments last month aimed at educating “average American citizens” to the corruption in our nation’s political process at all government levels. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-d36wSQcfDsw63kvEJsxnw).

“This is not your grandparent’s Poly Sci. 101,” emphasized Gregg Dubois, a San Antonio businessman leading the underwriting of the video project now airing on YouTube and other social media sites. Views of the brief ads preceding each episode will help fund the series.

“This is more of a carefully conceived and creative exposé aimed at educating Americans to the dire need for immediate reforms in the way laws, treaties, trade agreements and regulations are made,” explained DuBois, Founder and President of Adaptive Technologies, New Braunfels, TX.

DuBois, whose firm provides technology for voice and networking needs, was himself a former lobbyist to major corporations and industries. “Yes, you might call this an ‘insider’s look’ at the legislative process. We are going to allow viewers (free subscribers) to be a fly on the wall.”

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The introduction to the first segment, “A Bad God,” opens with a narrator in silhouette explaining the purpose of the educational series, noting, “Government to many of us has become a four-letter word . . . has divided us. Many feel it no longer works on our behalf.

The Donor Class

“Through corruption, our elected leaders have found someone else they prefer to serve: The Donor Class. Corporations. Foreign governments. The wealthiest individuals.  …They are the bankers for our legislative leaders. …game the system in their favor. This is a pay-to-play system; a rich man’s game,” he states.

Gregg Dubois, a San Antonio area businessman and former lobbyist, is creator of the “It’s Time” video series

The episode quickly moves into what appears to be a clandestinely-filmed conference of corporate executives labeled “13 May 2015, McLean VA, Cam. 1 (& 2), File VBI 08572WU.”  An intense speaker, only identified as “representing the donor class,” tells the gathering: “Citizens have a pocketbook morality. So long as their pocketbooks are fat and happy, they do not want to see what is behind the curtain: Loss of jobs, loss of hope gives us exposure.

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“Our Founding fathers…never intended the underclass to be participants in government.…We control the financial and legal institutions and our political system. As long as we are able to control the political process, we will be able to control our destiny,” he assures the audience. “Money is the key. Investing is what we do.”

DuBois and his associates would like to see a nationwide grassroots movement that succeeds in obtaining lasting reforms in how laws are made — preferably without the undue influence of the donor class, mega-corporations, industry trade groups, foreign governments and “all their highly-compensated change-agents.” They are the bankers for our legislative leaders.

DuBois has scripted most of the segments produced by Lawrence Littleton, Director of Photography, and Griffin Gardner, Editor and lead actor, both of Super Cybers, an Austin-based video services firm.

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“The legislative process sets the agenda for all other forms of government.  “And ours is a pervasively corrupt system and why so many feel our government does not represent us,” Dubois said.

The most recent segment, “The Plan,” portrays two lobbyists having a lively liquid lunch as they discuss “Big Pharma’s” initiatives, strategies and ploys for shaping legislation to their advantage and improved bottom lines. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-d36wSQcfDsw63kvEJsxnw) – USNewswire

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