J-Law comes clean on her sanitary habits

Washington D.C., Nov 10 (ANI): It seems like Jennifer Lawrence’s joke of not washing her hands after using toilet was taken too seriously by her fans, as she has to clarify that she does wash her hands.

It all started during the 25-year-old actress’ interview with MTV’s “After Hours when she was asked to reveal her most disgusting habit, E! Online reports.

‘The Hunger Games’ star said she doesn’t wash her hands after using bathroom, adding that she likes to put her unwashed hands all over her face.

Later, the actress shared a video poking fun of herself with fans on Facebook.

The video showed when Lawrence decided to clean her hands, an unknown female told her that she was actually using a bidet.

She added, “That’s not a toilet?” she asked. “Oh, well I don’t need to wash my hands. Zing!”

Putting jokes aside, the actress assured her fans that she does wash her hands after using toilet. (ANI)

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