Jacqueline Fernandez wants to do some action !

Being a  piece of three action packed movies, Jacqueline Fernandez is not doing any action in her respective films. Jacqueline Fernandez who has an athletic built  says that she is keen to do action film  and wishes that her next few movies would allow her to do as such.Jacqueline-Fernandez-2015-Wallpaper

In spite of the fact that, she shares  the screen to Varun Dhawan and John Abraham amid an action packed film  ‘Dishoom’, she’s not punching or kicking anybody.

In fact, in ‘A Flying Jatt’, the actress is disappointed as Tiger Shroff will be seen doing all the high-octane action to save her, who’s the damsel in distress. In conclusion, in her untitled next too with Sidharth Malhotra , she doesn’t get the chance to show up her fighting skills , as she plays his love  interest and Sidharth is the person who will punch and kicking the bad men in the film and not her.

Her hopes lie with Karan Johar’s production, wherein she stars opposite Sushant Singh Rajput , that involves a few car chases and other action-packed sequences. Hopefully, the leggy lass will be able to indulge in some adrenaline rushing scenes here.  – CINEWS

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