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Jagmeet walks back coalition talk

If the Conservatives win the most seats on election night without obtaining a majority, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will ask Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and other parties to form a coalition government.

Singh said that while it’s a “hypothetical situation,” he is “ready to do whatever it takes” to keep the Tories from power.

In 2008, the Liberals and the NDP sparked a backlash by attempting to defeat Stephen Harper’s Conservative minority government with Bloc support.

Currently the Greens and the NDP are both wooing the same progressive voters may feel they need to vote strategically for the Liberals to keep Andrew Scheer from becoming prime minister. Singh has repeatedly stated that he believes Scheer is worse than Trudeau.

However on Monday, Singh appeared to back track from that statement.

“That was not my position,” he said. “My position is this: We have a number of priorities and I want Canadians to know that they can vote New Democrat, vote as many New Democrats as possible, and all the commitments and priorities we told you about, we will fight hard to make sure they are put in place.” -CINEWS

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