Jake Gyllenhaal has some impressive footwork to show in `Demolition`

Washington D.C., Sept. 13 (ANI): In the new trailer of ‘Demolition,’ Jake Gyllenhaal has shown some impressive moves and crazy footwork.

In the movie, the dance sequence takes place in the streets of New York City, and apparently Director Jean-Marc Vallee loaded the 34-old-year-actor’s iTunes with mysterious songs, TMZ reports.

At the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, Gyllenhaal said that Marc Vallee did not want him to listen to any songs that would make him move, the director wanted him to incorporate things he had never heard.

In the ‘Southpaw’ actor’s upcoming drama-comedy, he stars as a man who befriends a vending machine employee and her son after the tragic death of his wife. (ANI)

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