Jake Owen claims to love wife ‘more than anything’ amidst divorce

Washington DC, Aug. 11 (ANI): Jake Owen may have decided to part ways from his wife Lacey but during his recent concert when the singer opened up about his split he claimed that he loves her more than anything.

During his performance at the WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, the 33-year-old singer said that he and his wife were getting divorced and it was probably the hardest s**t he has ever done in his life, reported People Magazine.

The singer, who was married for three years, further said it wasn’t easy for him to get up on stage every night and pretend that everything was wonderful because it wasn’t and if he’s able to perform it was just because of his fans.

He added that he loves his wife and daughter Pearl more than anything in the world and if they wouldn’t have been there in his life he wouldn’t have been a happy man. (ANI)

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