James Blunt adores music’s unifying power

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New Delhi, May 9 (IANS) Whether it is from love or his various experiences or his view of politics, “You’re beautiful” star James Blunt likes to draw inspiration from the world around him. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter says music unites people irrespective of caste, gender or religion.

“I write about a number of different subjects. I have written a song titled ‘Someone singing along’. It is about the politics in the world today and how politicians strive to divide us and tell us we should be afraid of people who are different from us,” Blunt told IANS in a recorded response.

“I know from my time in the Army, but also as a musician, that people no matter from where we are from or what colour or skin or religions or sects, we actually connect with each other with the same emotion.”

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“I play song about my own experiences, yet people no matter from where they are from, they connect to the song with the same human emotion.”

Born in Tidworth, Wiltshire, Blunt spent his 20s in the British Army, and left the force for music career in 2002. His debut album “Back To Bedlam” came out in 2004, but didn’t do much for his career initially.

But soon his single “You’re beautiful” got noticed, giving him his big ticket to fame.

Since then, he has proved his versatility — from singing classic ballads, including tropical house beats and R&B to his tunes. He has released albums “All The Lost Souls”, “Some Kind Of Trouble”, “Moon Landing” and “The Afterlove”, and got multiple Grammy nominations.

He has gone on world tours, and was supposed to come to India as part of The Afterlove Tour earlier this year.

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Blunt admits that he started with a rather small dream, and did not envision getting global success.

“It is still an amazing and very exciting journey. It has taken me almost 15 years on the road travelling around the world, starting with the song ‘You’re beautiful’ and album.

“My dream perhaps was only to tour London and instead it has taken me all around the world. I am very grateful to that.”

There is an ongoing dialogue around balancing the gender scale and diversity in the entertainment world.

Asked about the scene in the music industry, Blunt said: “I can truly understand it. It must be incredibly difficult in so many industries, especially in the music industry. I have always identified myself with it and hopefully we will progress.”

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Blunt had to perform in Bengaluru in April at the gig, which was promoted by Hedone Entertainment. Blunt had reason behind why he could not perform in India his Facebook page, saying the event got called off “due to the failure of the promoter to enact contract terms”.

On his bond with India, he said: “I came to India only once in my life for two weeks. I had an amazing experience… I have many friends who talk about life, music and rich culture.”

He knows a little bit about Indian music.

“I know a little bit of it. I am definitely no encyclopedia on it. I look forward to hearing more of Indian music.”

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