James Franco to star in ‘Drunken Fireworks’ adaptation

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Los Angeles, June 4 (IANS) Actor James Franco will star in “Drunken Fireworks”, a film adaptation of Stephen King’s similarly titled short story.

Franco would also serve as the executive producer and could possibly direct the film as well, reports deadline.com.

“Drunken Fireworks” is set in small-town rural Maine. The story is about a blue-collar mechanic Alden McCausland (Franco), who competes with a retired mob boss Nicky Serrano when Nicky moves in across the lake from Alden and his mother.

When Nicky ruins Alden’s Fourth of July fireworks show, Alden puts on the best to beat Nicky the next year in town’s annual fireworks competition known henceforth as the “Forth of July Arms Race”.

Rubicon Entertainment and Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions will team up to produce the film. The script is being written by Matthew Rager, who previously worked with Franco on films like “As I Lay Dying”, “The Sound and the Fury” and upcoming drama film “In Dubious Battle”.

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