Jammu BJP MLA stirs controversy, says didn’t misuse power

Jammu, Sept.10 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Krishan Lal, who was seen crossing a river sitting on the back of his Personal Security Officer three months ago, on Thursday denied all allegations being levelled against him and said that the PSO had been appointed to help him.

“He is my PSO, he was hired to help me, right? Who else will help me?” asked Lal.

He also rubbished allegations of misusing his powers.

“I was fulfilling my responsibility by going to a young boy’s pyre, who was killed in the ceasefire violation. The PSO himself offered to lift me on his back. I was just fulfilling my job,” he said.

Lal was seen crossing a shallow brook in Jammu climbing over his PSO’s back. This picture became a rage on the social media following which he was approached by media representatives to clarify the incident. (ANI)

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