Jane Stolle’s fun book helps readers lead happier lives

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Jane Stoller announced in Zurich on Thursday  that her book, Organizing for Your Lifestyle, is now available for sale on Amazon. Organizing for Your Lifestyle is a fun, inspiring guide to organizing all aspects of your life, from socks to suitcases.

“Organizing is a lifestyle, but it isn’t one-size-fits-all,” says Stoller. “This book is written in such a way that any reader can benefit, whether you are single or part of a large family, live in an apartment or a mansion. Incorporating organization into your life can help maximize your potential to accomplish more on a daily basis.”

Organizing for Your Lifestyle is arranged (very meticulously, of course!) into common themes to help you organize your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, Stoller shares ideas, advice and inspiration to help you lead a happier and healthier life. There’s also a special chapter for travel. Packing properly for a once-in-a-lifetime trip means you’ll stress less and be able to enjoy that trip even more!

Studies show that decluttering can not only reduce stress, but provides peace of mind and improves your mood. In Organizing for Your Lifestyle, you’ll learn the science behind organization and not only how to get organized, but how to stay organized.

“I’m constantly finding new ways to get and stay organized, and I love sharing these ideas with my friends and family,” says Stoller, “This book is about sharing what I know, and what I’ve learned, from organizing my own life, and helping others organize theirs.”

Stoller’s love for organizing began as a child as she was often found happily lining up her pet cats, stuffed animals and books. Growing up, her passion for organizing shifted to all types of storage space with a special desire for revolutionizing closets.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science and a Master’s in Business Administration fromCanada’s top universities. She currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland and works in the construction industry. – PRNewswire

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