Janice Dickinson’s cancer fears

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Los Angeles, July 29 (IANS) Supermodel Janice Dickinson worried about her “femininity” and no longer being attractive when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 61-year-old star — who is engaged to psychiatrist Robert ‘Rocky’ Gerner — felt “detached” when she was told she had the disease earlier this year, but she had a number of worries that she had to come to terms with, reports people.com.

“I had a feeling of detachment. There was no self-pity, but I worried about leaving my family. I worried I wasn’t going be attractive to my amazing and supportive fiancé,” Dickinson said.

“I worried about my sexuality, my femininity. I worried I would have to have a double mastectomy,” she added.

Dickinson admitted she “knew something was wrong” several months before going to the doctor and hadn’t examined herself as much she ought to have done.

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“For about eight or nine months, I just wasn’t feeling the same. I didn’t have that same get-up-and-go. I’m an avid walker but friends would say, let’s go for a walk and I didn’t want to. I just felt off,” she said.

“My breast was tender, but I didn’t do anything. It’s like a toothache, you need to get it checked out,” Dickinson added.



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