Japan develops products with core technology

Kyoto, Oct. 12 (ANI): Kyoto in Japan is known for its popular tourist spots and for producing products with the use of tradition and technology.

Kyocera Corporation, which started producing fine ceramics in 1959 has now become a leading supplier of solar power generating systems, printers, electronic components and industrial ceramics.

In recent years, the sales of knifes has increased significantly as the foreign tourists buy them for its uniqueness. The company is a leader in knife production.

“The sale was high last year and this year too. Knife is an important product for our store. Many stores in Kyoto city sell ceramic knives. They are popular among the foreign visitors,” said Store Manager at Yuuzen Mami Yamamoto.

The tourists are impressed with this product and like to purchase them as a souvenir.

“I think the color is so beautiful. I want to buy and bring it back home for my cooking,” said a tourist from Taiwan.

Another tourist from Peru said it’s a very unusual kind of knife.

“I come from Peru, South America. But they are pretty. Very nice,” he said.

Kyocera is also trying for overseas expansion.

“We already sell the knives in several places in south-eastern Asia and planning to sell them in India too. We hope that our daily products with the technology of ceramics can make the people’s life more comfortable and convenient all over the world. So, we would like to promote them much more,” said Kazuki Kato, Jewellery and Application Products Division, Kyocera Corporation.

Japan uses latest technology in producing wheelchairs.

Yamaha Motors introduced wheelchairs at the recently held “International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition”.

“We have been developing and selling the products with small engine like motorbike. But when we faced an aging society we wanted to utilize our technology of controlling motor, battery and so on in order to contribute to our society. Then we researched and finally came up with the idea of making electric-powered wheelchair,” said Masanori Yonemitsu, General Manager, JW Wheelchairs Division, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

And this is their electric-powered wheelchair. What makes it special is that it has not only a power like a conventional electric-powered wheelchair but also lightweight and compact like a manual wheelchair.

“The battery is long-lasting. I can ride on the wheelchair all day (without charging). That’s very convenient,” said a user of Yamaha’s wheelchair.

Another wheelchair is the one with electrical assistance of hand rim.

It’s like between manual and electric-powered wheelchair. Yamaha is also one of the leading companies of power-assisted bicycle.

Yamaha also sells wheels for wheelchairs for other manufactures.

The company says they want to utilise their technology for the whole wheelchair industry and all people who use wheelchairs.

“My world has become wider. The places I could go was like near my house or even in my house before. But now I can ride on a train. Actually I could come to the event today. I can’t live without this,” said another user of Yamaha’s Wheelchair

The new invention by Yamaha will change the world of physically disabled people. (ANI)

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