Japan gears up to tap potential of beauty market globally

Nagoya/Tokyo, Sept.29 (ANI) Japanese beauty product manufacturers are now upbeat about tapping the global beauty market by launching new products.

Japanese cosmetic maker, KOSÉ Corporation, recently launched the “Liposome Treatment Liquid” from its luxury brand “Cosme Decorte”.

The company produces makeup and cosmetic products under multiple brand names, including Sekkisei, Infinity, Jill Stuart and Stephen Knoll.

Through its “Vision 2020” programme, KOSÉ has made it a priority to develop world-class brands.

Kazutoshi Kobayashi, President and CEO, KOSÉ Corporation, said, “With the aim of continuous growth, we always wanted to continue to challenge the market. We are aiming even more global expansion in order to build a strong presence in the world.”

KOSÉ has positioned “Cosme Decorte” as a brand to lead global growth.

Debuting in 1970, the brand is celebrating its 45th anniversary. The company is actively promoting the brand, as the key to its global strategy.

On September 23, KOSÉ held its in-store campaign event at the Takashimaya Department store in the Nagoya station.

The brand’s global advertisement campaign launched with streamlining its new name to DECORTÉ, with the kick-off of multi-year contract with the fashion icon – Kate Moss.

The product offers women a cutting-edge technology that will help to achieve an unprecedented level of skin beauty.

Customers received skin diagnosis and detailed skin care advices provided by KOSÉ’s dedicated beauty advisors.

Maori Soga, a DECORTÉ user, said, “I am happy that I finally found the item I’ve been looking for. It’s a great opportunity to choose products with the advice from makeup artist.

Cosme Decorte” is currently available in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Italy.

During the DECORTÉ brand’s long history, KOSÉ have established a strong bond and trust with women of Asia based on the innovative and superior formulations.

Kaneko Kato, another DECORTÉ customer, said, “It really shows an immediate effect on the first time, I feel my skin much softer and smoother than before. It also changed my feeling and idea about make-up very positively.”

It’s not the beauty products, but Japanese beauty technology has also attracted people’s attention from the world.

The facial equipment “Pure Pulse 2” has become a popular among the women.

A customer said, “It’s feeling good. It was like sticking to my skin.”

Another customer said, “I was thinking about taking a face lifting treatment soon then I found this.”

The instrument has excellent feature that users can easily inject hyaluronic acid at home, realizes of skin treatments, and the face lift-up effect.

Keiko Akiyama, Director, Pure Pulse, said, “It’s called `electroporation’. Electric waves come from the four locations. The active ingredient will be applied directly as far as the deep skin through the gap between the cells. It can expect the similar effect as applying the hyaluronic acid and collagen by the direct injection.”

The facial equipment is available with variant lights. Red light is for woman who wants face lift up, Yellow light is for those who want to remove the dullness and the blue is for the treatment of pimples and acne.

Intensive care for all skin became possible by the irradiating light which is tailored to the respective purposes.

Akiyama said, “We have been getting good response from Vietnam. There are many people having acne troubles there. Besides providing the equipment, we also provide basic instructions for skin treatment. We have developed good relationship and trust.”

As beauty consciousness among women is growing all across the world, the company planning to tap the potential in other potential markets like India. (ANI)

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