Japan introduces advance projectors, water-saving toilets

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Amsterdam / Tokyo, Feb.17 (ANI): The world’s fastest growing audio visuals and systems integration trade show, ISE(Integrated Systems Europe) 2016 saw several professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries with over 1,000 exhibitors and 60,000 attendees.

The leading business-to-business annual event which opened on February 9 at RAI Amsterdam observed a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge audiovisual technology for professionals working in the commercial and residential installation and integration marketplace.

The exhibition features audio and video conferencing, content management and distribution, flat screen displays, cinema and entertainment forums. The event showcases such technologies that enhance the experience of the end users.

Casio Computer showcased its industry-first Laser and LED light source projectors. Casio brought core series lineup by adding three new models featuring a 1.5X optical zoom lens. The company will also release five new Advanced Series projectors that offer superior scalability at an affordable price.

“Casio is the world’s first company that has succeeded to produce lamp-free projectors equipped with Laser and LED solid state illumination light sources in 2010,” said Toshiyuki Iguchi, Digital Signage Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Unlike the mercury lamp projectors, the Casio laser and LED light source has many benefits. It has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, eliminating the need for lamp replacement and reduces electricity consumption to about half that of a mercury lamp projector. The instant power on and off delivers outstanding usability, without the need of waiting, for a warm up and cool-down time.

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“Casio develops the hybrid light source system using Laser and LED. The system creates RGB colour using Blue laser, which also converts to Green by the rotating phosphor, and Red colour comes from LED. The optical Block is completely separated, so it is a dust-proof construction. All our projectors are produced by Yamagata Casio, the Casio Group’s manufacturing base in Japan,” said Sadatoshi Nakamura, Digital Signage Product Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

Casio’s projector development using advanced Laser and LED light source technology have been brought together with the automated production capabilities of Yamagata Casio in Japan, yielding excellent cost performance while maintaining high quality and reliability.

“Laser solid state illumination light sources will take over the conventional mercury lamp projectors by the year 2020. We hold the No.1 share in the market. We will positively focus on the market in Asia, where especially the educational market will grow. I think our lamp-free projector features will perfectly meet with the local needs in Asia, and we aim to expand our sales in this regions,” said Toshiyuki Iguchi, Digital Signage Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

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Another technology which Japan has introduced is the water-saving toilets. Every day, and everyone is sure to use the toilet. The world population is increasing and more than 100 million people are expected to use new toilets by the year of 2100.

Urban population in Asia is also said to reach to about 33 million people. Urbanisation and improvement of living standards of the people creates the water pollution from the domestic wastewater. The key to solve this problem might be in Japan’s water environmental technology.

From the pit toilet to water flush toilet, bidet and to water-saving type, Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer, TOTO has evolved its technology with the aim of clean and comfortable use of toilet.

In 2012, the company has launched a super-water-saving toilet seat with 3.8 litres, which to surpass a large quantity of cleaning water from the world regulation standard of 6 litres.

“This is the latest model of our water-saving toilet, combined with the “Wash-let” electronic bidets. As you see it’s flowing, it washes down powerfully to the end by an auxiliary tank and the tornado flow, that creates a strong winding vortex from the top. In addition, the inner surface of the toilet was processed with “CeFiON tect”, a surface process technology that makes it dirt proof and easy cleaning. As the result, it has realised reduced washing water amount of 3.8 litres,” said Saori Matsumura of TOTO Ltd.

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The company is also focusing on water-saving bathroom products. It has produced showers which reduces the amount of water by mixing air bubbles in the water.

“TOTO offers the products to conserve the water for the global environment, such as water-saving toilet. Improvement of people’s living culture, and pursuit of comfort is our spirit of the foundation of the company. Not only the water-saving products, we think our strengths is that we develop the innovative technologies such as for the sterilisation, elimination of the odours, to provide comfort in daily excretion act, together with the water-saving. We are also actively engaged in global expansion. We meet with the technology against the water shortage problems,” said TOTO Museum Director, Masaru Ode.

Toilets are used every day the world over. By spreading awareness about water preservation, it will help conserve the environment. (ANI)

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