Japan promotes itself as tourism and healthcare destination

Yokohama/Tokyo, Aug.11 (ANI): A few miles from Tokyo is located the famous Sankeien Garden in Yokohama city.

Created by Sankei Hara, a silk trader in 1906, this garden attracts large number of visitors. During the summer, a major attraction for visitors is the Lotus Garden.

An Indian visitor said, “Actually, I enjoy the lotus blooming. I enjoy being a part of nature. Here, I enjoy the morning lotus blooming. This is my third visit to the park. I expect to come in the near future as well.”

A Dutch tourist said, “We have been living in Japan for one year. We have visited here at least ten times now. We live closer, so I can come here easily. I love the Japan living in the seasons. Every time, when something special in the season, I celebrate that season and I love the seasons of Japan.”

In 1916, Sankei Hara invited Indian poet Rabindranath to visit the Sankeien Garden. Tagore stayed here for three months and wrote poems.

Among the historical buildings in the park are an elegant Daimyo (feudal lord’s) residence, several tea houses, the main hall and the three storied pagoda of Kyoto’s old Tomyoji Temple.

The garden attracts some 420,000 domestic and foreign visitors every year.

Toshikazu Yoshikawa, Planning Section Chief, Sankeien Hoshokai Foundation, said, “Among the buildings at the garden, the three storied pagoda is the most symbolic one. It is located on top of the hill. Also, there is old established wood pagoda built 560 years ago. Beside of Buddhism architecture there are various kinds of architectures coming from long term history – tea ceremony room, rich man’s residence and much more.

Japan is also promoting itself as healthcare destination, especially by introducing advanced equipments and technology.

At the International modern hospital show held recently in Tokyo, Epson has displayed interactive projectors used in healthcare sector.

Haruhiko Mibu of the Epson Sales Japan Corporation said, “Our theme is safety and promptness. We try to support the medical organisations who give top priority to patients through our color imaging technology.”

The X-ray films can be displayed on interactive projector where the medical practitioner can draw and paint while interacting with the patient.

The technology can be used during medical conferences, education and interactions with patients.

Mibu further said, “We not only make printers. We make a variety of products which are useful in an array of situations of medical treatment.”

TOTO has designed a special toilet for hospitals.

The toilet can help measure the amount and the speed of urine which is important to check visceral diseases and disorder of urination.

After patients finish passing the urine, he can collect the data by pushing a button. It can be helpful for doctors to examine the patient.

Kumi Kusafuka, an official of the sales department, TOTO Engineering Ltd., said, “It can help to decrease the number of pooled urine in the hospital. It will help to keep the hospital clean and safe for patients. The hospital has distinctive smell that is because of the pooled urine or the disinfectant liquid. Our toilet has changed the situation and will help to keep the hospital clean and safe.”

TOTO has also forayed into Indian market and has established its manufacturing unit in Gujarat. The company is optimistic to tap the Indian sanitary and healthcare market. (ANI)

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