Japan sets itself target to woo 20 million tourists annually

Tokyo, Oct.5 (ANI): Japan is promoting itself a prime tourist destination and to invite visitors, the private and public sectors are teaming up.

At a recently held “Tourism Expo Japan” in Tokyo, various events were marked to attract some 20 million foreign tourists to Japan every year.

Travel professionals participated in the expo to showcase their expertise in attracting the tourists.

Japanese travel agency, H.I.S. showcased new communication tools to be displayed at their new sales offices to attract more tourists to the popular destinations.

Kazuki Shirakawa, H.I.S. Co., Ltd., “The information screen will appear in front of you. It provides you information of hotels and you can search about travel destinations with the non-contact panel. The screen is not visible from the side, so it protects your privacy. It provides secure information to our customers.”

This is “Hawaii in 3 minutes”, a device which shows virtual images of Hawaii.

Shirakawa further said, “We design our shops to make our customers want to go to Hawaii. We take this as a first priority, so we introduced this tool at our Hawaii tour sales office. It is designed to make you feel that you are traveling to Hawaii.”

All Nippon Airways (ANA) also showcased the new STAR WARS coated airplane, which will start operation in this autumn at the international route.

Yukihiro Nakao, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., “We made five years contract for STAR WARS Project this year. We are actively promoting it for communication event. This section is “Airplanes Drawing”. We teamed up with Ricoh and introduced the latest digital technology to create our booth for family visitors. From the point of view of the local creation, we think it is the most important that we invite international tourists to every corner of the places in Japan.”

Tokyo city attracts many tourists.

Recently, the gateway to Tokyo city, Tokyo Station, celebrated its 100th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, Japan Night festival was held on September 24. It was part of “Japan Travel Week”, one of the world’s largest international tourist events.

In this year, Aomori Prefecture became one of the “Premium Destination Partner” in order to maximize potential benefits with regional promotions.

During “Japan Night”, Aomori appealed by bringing “Aomori Nebuta Matsuri” – a Japanese summer festival that takes place in Aomori prefecture.

Nebuta showed the true value of traditional culture and attraction of the prefecture toward the world.

Yasmine Maroldt, a visitor from France, “Such scene can be only seen in Japan, In France, there are none of this kind of scene. That’s very special!”

Daniel Griffith, a visitor from Seattle, Washington State, “It’s very interesting, and It is a great performance!”

Hidenori Nara, Chairman of Aomori Tourism and Convention Association, “Today’s festival operation has special meaning to us. Not only because we have many guests from all over the world but also this place is iconic space for Japanese people. Here in front of the Imperial Palace, We operate the Nebuta themed on a myth concerning the origin of Japan. And behind there is a historical Tokyo Station building, which represents the modernization of Japan. We operate this festival today with feeling of proud, delights, and responsibility that this is the only and first time in Japan to hold such festival at this special venue.”

Host of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Tokyo city is ready to serve as a model for global tourism. (ANI)

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