Japanese bike makers showcase sports models at Tokyo Motorcycle Show

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Tokyo, Apr.5 (ANI): Leading Japanese motorcycle companies participated at the 43rd annual Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Suzuki showcased a wide range of its latest sports models. It includes twelve production models and seven concept models.

The company invited all-Japan motocross champion riders and held a talk show on stage.

Hiroyuki Kinoshita of Suzuki Motorcycle Sales Inc. said, “Our exhibition theme is “Sports”. Our range of sports models such as GSX-R1000, GSX-A1000 and Hayabusa are on straddles at our booth for the visitors actually can sit astride and test the feelings. Visitors can also get on our MotoGP model GSX-RR that is simulating the full hang off position, and actually experience the feel of sports riding. We also showcase the “GSX-R1000 Concept” model as Japan’s premier. This will be the next generation model of GSX-R1000. This is the world premiere showcase of SV650 Rally Concept model. This concept model features Cafe Racer style, combined with the On-Road Rally stye together.”

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Yamaha exhibited the full range of motorcycle models by offering visitors the enjoyment of bile life, with its diverse lineup.

Yoshinobu Miyamoto of Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd.said, “Yamaha booth exhibition themed is “Expand”, since 2013, Yamaha constantly releases four to five new models every year, expanding with the wide options of new model lineups for the users. We aim to propose a new potential of bike life to our customer. We especially focus on 125cc class, which is increasing inthe new acquisition of the license in Japan every year. The 125cc class is a stable market with consistent demand of 10 million units a year, and growing number of ownership. Yamaha regards this 125cc class as a expanding demand in Japan’s market. We developed five new model lineups this year, in addition to a variations of new campaign for 125cc class, aiming to stimulate the domestic market needs.”

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The Tokyo Motorcycle Show offers open-air stages for a variation of motorcycle shows, test rides and demonstrations.

At the 13,000 m² of the Outdoor Exhibition Zone, The motorcycle trials demonstration attracts many peoples’ attention.

The motorcycle trials is a non-speed event on the obstacles on specialized motorcycle.

It has become a world championship motorsports that requires fine throttle, balance and machine control.

Visitors enjoyed the close look at the technical excellence of compelling demonstration by the international A-class riders.

Noriyuki Kawai, Trial Promotion, “Motorcycle trials, is the only sports in two-wheeled motorcycle that’s not compete for speed. This is the sports competition for balance and technics. In motorcycle trials, a competitor rides through an obstacle course while attempting to avoid touching the ground with the feet. Commonly, motorcycle trial competitions takes place in the the deep mountain where the course is using the natural terrain, so it may not familiar to most of people in city. Today we brought a man-made obstacle trial stage at Tokyo Motor Cycle Show, where thousands of motorcycle fans gathers at this event. This is the great opportunity to see the most exciting part of motorcycle trials, and I hope this gives an opportunity for many people to know more about motorcycle trials.”

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The selected audience was also participated to “standing still challenge”.

Kawai further stated, “The motorcycle trial is officially adopted to the motorcycle police training. This sports requires ultimate technics. Riders can brush up their basic skills to manipulate motorcycles by taking balances, turns and stopping. By learning the technics of motorcycle trials, I think every riders can develop their skills and learn to handle the control of motorcycles like an extension of their hands and feet.”

The growing craze for sporting bikes has fuelled the demand for these extreme machines. (ANI)

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