Japanese firms organise sports festivals to enhance teamwork at workplace

Hanoi, Vietnam / Tokyo, Japan, Nov.27 (ANI): In an attempt to enhance the communications, teamwork, and unity among the organization, Kyocera Vietnam organised Undoukai festival, an annual sports event which is being widely celebrated throughout Japan.

The event occurs most often in the autumn by inviting parents and family members.

It is celebrated in schools, communities and companies. Total 1,400 of Japanese and Vietnamese employees, along with their families participated in the event.

Established in 2011, Kyocera Vietnam Company and it’s subsidiary Kyocera Connector Products Vietnam (KCPV) – manufactures parts for mobile phones and connectors for office equipments.

Tadashi Otsuji, General Director of Kyocera Vietnam Co. Ltd., said, “Today is our second Undokai event. Originally, there is no culture of Sports day in Vietnam. We introduced Japanese Undokai culture to Vietnam to enjoy together. Kyosera has a corporate culture of the “large family principle”. Not only the employees, but also their families have participated to this event. We aim to encourage our workplace by bringing our hearts together with Undokai.”

Sharing the pleasures of the people as own joy – Kyosera nurtures the family-like relationship that shares the pleasures together.

Their corporate culture of “large family principle” has been greatly accepted by the Vietnamese employees, who cherish the relationship with family and relatives.

“Our management philosophy is to contribute to Vietnam’s development by pursuing happiness and fulfillment of our entire employees for both materially and spiritually. Based on this philosophy, we take most priority to our employees. I want to encourage everyone and want them to like Japanese culture,” Otsuji added.

The company sells not only VR software for the train but also for the cars. For example, users can enjoy driving in 3D space with the special glasses on this software.

Their software is officially adopted by Toyota, one of the leading car manufacturers in Japan and used for the many different purposes such as developing new products.

Clients such as railway companies and car manufactures can examine new railways and roads.

Also you can drive cars as much as you like. So users can check the traffic condition when the new crossing is made. (ANI)

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