Japanese products showcased at Consumer Electronics Show in the U.S.

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Nevada, Jan. 12 (ANI): The world’s largest consumer electronics and technology trade show, that attracts nearly 2,00,000 visitors from the world – CES 2016 was held from January 6 to 9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, United States.

This year, the CES greatly expanded the largest exhibit floor in the show’s 49-year history, with 2.4 million net square feet of exhibit space and featuring more than 3,600 companies and industry professionals worldwide, including 500 startups.

CES is produced by CTA, the Consumer Technology Association, formerly the Consumer ‘Electronics’ Association – the change of the organization name shows the new direction to the new era, by replacing the word to “technology” from “electronics” – which no longer refers to the full range of high-tech consumer industry.

President and CEO of Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro said, “Innovative technology holds a promise to empower each one of us. Our industry is literally changing the world. Solving some of our planet’s most complexed challenges and improving the lives of the people across the glove.”

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Not only digital home appliances and electronics, CES has evolved to the world’s largest exhibition that various solutions have been complexed in which related to the automotive sector, unmanned systems, sports and health care, in addition to the Internet and smart phones that became the important infrastructure to support our life throughout the world.

The IoT – Internet of Things – is a particular trend at the CES as we rapidly approach the era when connectivity is considered standard.

Intel announced a number of different initiatives during the company’s keynote, by focusing themes in sports and gaming experiences, creativity, health and wellness.

“We believe we are entering a new era, of consumer technology, where consumer is choosing experiences, over products,” said Chief Executive Officer, Intel, Brian Krzanich.

Intel showcased multiple applications of its button-sized tiny wearable hardware module ‘Curie’ processor sensor-hub, which can be embedded in varieties of IoT devices.

Many of the companies at CES showcased their latest advancement in IoT.

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The wearables products are expanding, each are developed to specific applications to change people’s life and experiences.

While addressing the gathering, President & COO of Casio Computer Co. Ltd. Kazuhiro Kashio announced, “Today, we are unveiling the Smart Outdoor Watch.”

Japanese renowned watch maker has stepped into a smart wearable – Casio announced the WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch at CES 2016.

The rugged Android Wear wrist device features toughness for the outdoors with water resistance to 50 meters, and built to military standard specifications.

“It is a tough, water resistant wrist device designed for people who are active in the outdoors”, said Kazuhiro.

Shunji Minami, Emerging Business Department, Casio Computer Co. Ltd. added, “We have been making watches since the 70s. The Smart Outdoor Watch makes full use of our advancement in electronics, watch making, and communication technology”.

Incorporating Casio’s tough performance and sensor technologies, the WSD-F10 delivers a polished experience as a wearable information device.

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The watch offers useful original applications for outdoor activities such as trekking, cycling, and fishing. Among these are dedicated apps designed to measure changes in the natural environment and track activity levels.

Vice President, Casio America Inc., David Johnson said, “The watch uses Android Wear OS, enables watch to sync with various google apps and cloud services. We focus on creating devices that enhance consumer’s lifestyles. Because we believe, that you shouldn’t adjust your lifestyle to match you a new technology. Instead, your new technology should enhance how you live your life already.”

The WSD-F10 was put on display at Casio’s booth at CES 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A presenter at the expo said, “OK google!.. as you see, google responds to my voice. Google commands are made possible by the water proof microphone located right here.”

Casio has plans to connect the world through Internet not only through wrist watches, but cameras, home appliances and many other products. (ANI)

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