Japanese spa and beauty products catch customer attention

Tokyo, Oct. 1 (ANI): More than 300 Japanese companies showcased a variety of products related to spa, cosmetics and food products at the recently-held “Diet & Beauty Fair 2015” in Tokyo.

Zero Co. Ltd. has introduced anti-aging formula called tabletop hydrogen generator, which is able to produce the high purity hydrogen.

“It is a fact that the effect of hydrogen is an anti-oxidant,” said Yumiko Utsumi, President, Zero Co. Ltd.

Hydrogen coalesces with the active oxygen in the body and becomes water.

Since it’s hard to drink a lot of hydrogen water, this is easy as to breathe spontaneously. The machine can incorporate hydrogen 10ml per minute.

The equipment called ‘water fairy’ generates a high concentration of hydrogen by electrolyze purified water.

By nasal inhalation for about 10 minutes, it makes the same effect worth for drinking five liters of saturated hydrogen water.

“It removes spots and wrinkles from the face. This makes woman happy,” said Utsumi.

By using the method for one month, it improves the tone of the skin and helps improve allergic symptoms.

A customer, who purchased this product, said it increases the oxygen amount, adding that it also improves skin whitening and fades stain away.

“After ingesting, it helps early recovery from weariness. It makes my eyes bright and cleans my mind. You should try this. Of course, I recommend this to my husband,” she added.

A customer from Philippines is eager to try the machine.

“The Filipinas are very interested in especially the latest Japanese products including Hydrogen water. I was curious about this machine. It’s like in the hospital,” she said.

The price of the unit is around 6,000 USD.

The anti-aging care equipment attracts attention from around the world.

Another interesting product, which has been introduced in the exhibition is a vibrating equipment for face called “MS NECK”.

A customer said that she feels very good about the product.

“It feels like my face has become slim,” she added.

Akiko Kinoshita, Sales Planning Department, MARUTAKA, said: “When you press the button, it starts its operation for neck treatment. Then apply this against your neck. The controller also began to vibrate.”

The vibrating controller promotes blood circulation by the micro-vibration and it helps to create the firm skin condition.

It is said that the near-infrared light makes skin in optimum condition and activates the cell renewal in neck and jaw.

“Above my neck, it’s all vibrating!” the customer said.

Furthermore, this whole body vibration exercise machine, reduces lower back pain and stiffness by the stimulation with frequency sound waves by just standing on it.

“This feels good. I felt the vibration throughout my body,” a customer said.

Another product is called “AssshieeU”, an electrical vibration foot bath without using hot water.

These ceramic balls are warmed up by the motor fan. When the user steps down on the bottom plate, the warm ceramic balls wraps around and warms up the feet.

Warm ceramic balls helps in blood circulation by using three forces – heat, pressure and vibration. It helps a person to look beautiful and young. (ANI)

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