Jason Bourne TV spinoff to become series

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Los Angeles, Aug 17 (IANS) Television show “Treadstone”, which is set in the Jason Bourne universe, will now be made into a series.

The series, which was originally ordered to pilot back in April, centres on the fictional CIA black ops program Operation Treadstone, which was the program that created superspy Jason Bourne.

The covert programme uses behaviour modification protocol to turn recruits into nearly superhuman assassins. The first season follows sleeper agents across the globe as they are mysteriously “awakened” to resume their deadly missions. The series will go into production in 2019, reports variety.com.

Chris McCumber, President of USA Network said: “What could be bigger and bolder than the ‘Treadstone’ mythology?”

Operation Treadstone notably produced Jason Bourne, portrayed by Matt Damon in four of the five Bourne movies. The Bourne universe was originally created by Robert Ludlum, who wrote the Bourne trilogy of novels that the first three films are based on. All subsequent Bourne novels were written by other authors.



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