Javed Akhtar rebukes blaming cinema for social violence

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Kolkata, Jan. 27 (ANI): Asserting that it is the society that makes cinema and not vice versa, Indian veteran lyricist-scriptwriter Javed Akhtar rebuked the view that cinema spreads violence and criticised the trend of connecting incidences of rape to cinema.

“Our violence is caste-based, economic-based. I am not defending cinema. I am telling you, let us not have a wrong diagnosis of a national problem because we will not be able to correct it then,” he said at the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet on Monday.

To a question on the influence of cinema, the 71-year-old lyricist said everything that is happening, economic and social deprivations cannot be blamed to cinema.

“Cinema is a whipping boy. We have to face the reality. It is the society that makes cinema. Cinema doesn’t make society,” he said.

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The Sahitya Akademi awardee attributed the ‘clash of civilisation within society’ to immigration as a culture shock for some.

“There is lot of immigration in the cities. There is a clash of civilisations within our society as under the same sky, people from different economic zones live. Exposure through media is so much that I am more aware of what I am deprived of than what I have,” he said.

Backing his claim, Akhtar said: “In places where there are less theatres, there is more violence. So how can we believe cinema is spreading violence in the society?” (ANI)

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