JD-U calls for debate on triple talaq in Parliament, assemblies

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New Delhi, April 17 (IANS) The Janata Dal United (JD-U) on Monday called for “wide ranging debates” on triple talaq, or instant divorce, in Parliament as well as state legislative assemblies, to build a consensus on the issue.

“In the context of recent ongoing debate over triple talaq, the JD-U is of the firm view that any change in the law must come through constructive dialogue between all the stakeholders,” party spokesman K.C. Tyagi said.

“Considering the multi-cultural and multi-religious nature of our country, the issues of triple talaq and the Uniform Civil Code should be put to wide ranging debates in Parliament as well as legislative assemblies and other forums of civil society,” he added.

He said that party President and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in his letter to Law Commission has already said that JD-U welcomes any kind of positive changes in the polity and laws of the country, but it must be based on broad consensus rather than imposing it in an authoritarian way.

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Tyagi said that Nitish Kumar has also expressed deep concern over forceful imposition of the majoritarian views on the religious practices of minorities.

“The party considers that the state must endeavour to bring in the Uniform Civil Code. However, it must be based on broad consensus rather than imposing it in an authoritarian way.

“Any attempt to impose UCC without thorough consultations and consensus, especially with the minorities and various religious groups, could lead to social friction and an erosion of faith in the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion,” he added.



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