JD (U) slams PM Modi over DNA remark on Nitish

New Delhi, July 26 (ANI): The Janata Dal United on Sunday slammed Narendra Modi for his DNA remark on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, saying that a Prime Minister should refrain from making remarks on the basis of caste, class or DNA of a person.

“Talking about the caste, class or DNA of a person is not right. This kind of a statement does not suit the Prime Minister. It is not right,” said JD (U) leader K.C Tyagi.

Nitish Kumar had on Saturday slammed Narendra Modi over his DNA remark saying that the Prime Minister had indirectly insulted the people of Bihar by calling his DNA bad.

“Modi ji said my DNA is bad but I am the son of Bihar so my DNA is the same as that of the people of Bihar. Now I leave it to the person of Bihar to decide on how they would answer someone who says their DNA is bad,” said Nitish.

Prime Minister Modi had earlier said there was something wrong with Kumar’s political DNA that led him to ditch friends who once worked with him.

“I was hurt when he withdrew his support. But when he did the same thing to a Mahadalit such as Jitan Manjhi, then I figured out there is something wrong in his political DNA,” he said. (ANI)

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