Jennifer Aniston: Fans enraged over her “Pompous” Emirates Airlines ad

Los Angeles, October 10 (CINEWS): Jennifer Aniston, 46, is a skilled comedienne, however, her new advertisement for super luxury Emirates Airlines has individuals asserting the uber rich performer has completely put some distance between reality.emirates airlines

After the commercial appeared on YouTube Oct. 5, Jen has been getting hammered with cases she’s an elitist big talker. Uh-gracious, Jen, you may have quite recently begun a class war!

In the business, Jennifer jabs fun at her top of the line way of life, meandering around mentor class searching for a shower. When she asks the flight chaperones where it is, she gets chuckled at for making the solicitation. She then whimpers that Emirates planes “have given and bars.” She’s told, “This isn’t an Emirates plane ma’am,” as the flight specialists keep giggling at her stunning solicitations.

Jen then “awakens” from her bad dream, tucked in bed in cushioned white sheets and companions out the plane window, appreciative that flying standard class was only a terrible dream. Later, she groans to the barkeep — yes, those planes have bars — about how terrible the bad dream was and how it was “in no way like this” while tasting on a mixed drink. The on-screen character was paid $5 million for the business, which adds to her assessed $150 million fortune.

After the advertisement dropped on YouTube, the cases of self-importance started. YouTube viewers left remarks, for example, “You could either purchase a ticket for that rich human plane or purchase another auto out and out or put an initial installment on a house. Extreme decision… NOT.” A top of the line round excursion ticket on Emirates from New York to Dubai costs around $25,000.

Different clients remarked: “We know an extremely small rate of individuals get the opportunity to live in extravagance, however,  do we should be reminded?” and, “Thank you for flying ‘First World Problems’ carriers.” Those are a portion of the milder remarks. Numerous actually assaulted Jennifer and one client even said, “I needed that plane to crash before the end of that advertisement.” OUCH! “Snobbiest advertisement ever. Discuss first world 1%’er issues,” another  peruser said.

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