Jess Glynne’s socialising ban

Los Angeles, Oct 27 (IANS) Singer Jess Glynne says she was banned from socialising following her vocal chords surgery.

The 26-year-old was back in form as she wowed crowds at MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday, but she admits there were many “depressing” points during her recovery time, reports

“It was grim. I didn’t socialise as it was too depressing,” Glynne told The Sun newspaper.

Meanwhile, Glynne previously said she was banned from partying as she recovered from the surgery on her vocal cords.

She shared: “I have to be careful (following surgery). I just need to make sure I rest my voice. I’m not allowed to go out and party because I’m still in the recovery period. The record label is working me pretty hard. They tend to put things in your diary without your consent. But now I’m like, ‘No I can’t do that.’ My attitude is that if you want to f**k up my voice again, then cool, but I’m not prepared to do that.”

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