Jessica Alba is proud of her derriere

Los Angeles, April 3 (IANS) Actress Jessica Alba prefers her buttocks to her breasts because the “b*tts are always in.”

The “Fantastic Four” actress also said that buttocks are “always celebrated,” reports

Speaking to Glamour magazine about her most-desirable body part, Alba said: I don’t know one man that isn’t into b**ty. And I feel like women, more often than not, women like their b*tts and it’s more accepted (to have a big b*tt).”

The “Sin City” star has now partnered with DL1961 brand, which specialises in denim, with the DL relating to the denim/leather mix of the material, to help women who may not be as genetically gifted as her achieve their perfect behind.

“I wanted to have high-waisted jeans that look really good on all different kinds of bodies. I wanted it to be kind of tighter in the thigh, but I didn’t want the b**ty to be pressed down…” she said.

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