Jessica Alba shares ‘freaky’ selfie

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Los Angeles, Jan 15 (IANS) Actress Jessica Alba shared a photograph, which shows the actress standing in a room, where the camera caught what is believed to be a supernatural being.

The “Fantastic Four” actress shared the image on Instagram and Facebook, reports

The photograph does not only feature the actress’ face, but also a spectral figure. Just above Alba’s shoulder, you can see the blurry, transparent and dark-eyed figure.

The actress captioned the image with a shocked-face emoji: “I have no idea what that is, freaky.”

Though it just appears to be the reflecting light that bounces off a polished wooden door, a lot of fans speculated about what the figure really was and some of them even shared their spooky experiences and frightening stories.

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Most of them suggested that the figure was a ghost.

An Instagram user wrote: “I really think you captured a ghost on camera. Totally creepy but it’s because you are such a light being. They sometimes follow the light so they can go up.”

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