Jessica Alba`s `The Honest Company` faces lawsuit for ineffective products

Washington D.C., Sept 4 (ANI): Jessica Alba’s `The Honest Company` is facing class action lawsuit for the ingredients of its non-toxic products.

Customer John D Rubin has filed a class action lawsuit against Alba’s company, which makes baby products, sunscreen and household cleaners, and summed up his allegations saying ‘Honest isn’t,’ the Daily Mirror reported.

Rubin claimed that the company sells ineffective products that contain unnatural ingredients and has asked for reimbursement.

Alba’s business is valued at a huge USD 1.7 billion and she has a net value of USD 340 million.

Earlier in August, The 34-year-old actress acknowledged that there were some issues with the sunscreen and announced that they had gone through extensive third-party testing in accordance with government regulations and their sunscreen lotion passed all SPF 30 testing requirements. (ANI)

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