Jewellery, cash worth Rs.40 lakh looted in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, April 30 (IANS) Five unidentified armed robbers looted cash and jewellery worth over Rs.40 lakh from a reputed jewellery shop in Indirapuram here on Saturday.

The incident occurred around 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Police said three robbers who had their faces covered and were armed with pistols barged into the jewellery showroom run by a reputed firm — Rawalpindi Jewellers.

Two of their accomplices remained outside to keep a watch. They kept their motorbikes ready to escape during the about 15-minute operation. They were later seen fleeing towards the east side on two motorcycles.

The jewellery shop owner said the robbers took out pistols from their side pockets and scooped up every valuable article from the showcase and the display tray. They then emptied the cash box and fled the spot after warning the people there to keep silent.

Harvinder Gandhi, the owner of the showroom, told this reporter that three robbers entered the showroom while two others remained outside.

The showroom, located in Express market near Shipra Mall, sells gold, silver and diamond-fitted ornaments. After the robbers fled, the showroom owner informed the police and the control room. He told the police the robbers stayed in the showroom for over 15 minutes.

“We are trying to identify the criminals from CCTV cameras installed in the showroom and other adjoining shops at strategic locations. Till now police have not found any lead in the case,” said Superintendent of Police, City, Salman Taj Patil.

“A wire was found snapped during search for some cameras. This snag might have occurred since the shop remained close for over a month due to country wide jewellers strike. But police should protect the jewellers,” said Ravi Verma, general secretary of the Jewellers Association of Uttar Pradesh.



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