Jimmy Fallon dressed as Trump interviews real Donald Trump

Washington D.C., Sept. 13 (ANI): The 2016 American Presidential contender Donald Trump appeared at ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and it was hilarious.

In a six-minute sketch, host Jimmy Fallon took on the avatar of Trump, which was a blue suit with a red tie and a white shirt, to interview the real Donald Trump, and jokingly said that there was no way Fallon deserved to interview him (Donald Trump), and added that the only person who deserved to interview him was his own self, E!Online reports.

To which, the real Trump said, “Me interviewing me? That’s what I call a great idea.”

Sources have revealed that the ‘The Tonight Show’ episode in which the Presidential candidate appeared got its highest ratings for broadcast in 18 months. (ANI)

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