Jitendra Singh criticises Congress for diluting Dogra certificate

Jammu Sept. 6 (ANI): Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Jitendra Singh on Saturday criticised the Congress Party for diluting the Dogra Certificate in the name of equality saying ‘nobody benefitted from this’.

“The Dogra certificate was there for long. It helped the youth of the region to get accommodated in the defence services. But the Congress government diluted the certificate in the name of equality between the two regions, but it helped nobody,” Singh told Media here.

Singh also said that relating Dogra certificate with any community or religion would mean, people have failed to understand the essence of it.

“It has been since the Britishers rule. The Dogra certificate has been based only on the scientific grounds. The youths residing in the border areas were found to be more capable of serving in the Armed forces, so a proposal was made to give them a relaxation in their physical fitness,” he added.

According to the reports Mos (PMO) Jitendra Singh earlier urged the Jammu and Kashmir government to revive the Dogra certificate and issue the same to youths who are willing to join defence services from the region.

Singh appealed all the political parties to come onboard and help restore the Dogra certificate to the youth of the Jammu region.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in its vision document in during the Jammu and Kashmir election suggested Dogra certificate for residents of Jammu.

“BJP will ensure that the Dogras of Jammu get due certificate. The Dogra certificate will be issued to the eligible youth,” read the vision document. (ANI)

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