John Abraham won’t do endorsements for cigarettes

Mumbai, Feburary 7 (CINEWS): At the point when famous people append their names to an item, the face estimation of the brand goes up. This is the reason they are offered heavy compensation for support bargains.john

Be that as it may, not at all like the majority of his peers, John Abraham is entirely specific about the items he is connected with.

A source near the performing artist says that a famous tobacco organization drew nearer him for an underwriting as of late. In any case, in spite of being offered a lucrative sum, John obviously turned the offer down.

“John supports a couple brands. Before connecting his name to any item, he does a great deal of exploration on it. A tobacco brand felt that he was flawless to underwrite their top of the line cigarettes. Be that as it may, John turned the offer down as he wouldn’t like to support smoking,” says the source.

The insider includes that smoking, liquor and medications are a no-no for the on-screen character, all things considered, also. “John never bargains on his standards. A couple of years back, a few innerwear brands needed to get him on board to underwrite their items. Nonetheless, John turned every one of the brands down, as he wasn’t happy in embracing them,” says the source.

Regardless of rehashed endeavors, the on-screen character stayed distracted for a remark.

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