John Abraham’s marriage on the stones?

Couple’s proficient life is creating a ton of issues in their marriage. In Bollywood, relational unions are breaking apart at a disturbing recurrence. Scarcely have we gotten over bits of gossip about Shilpa Shetty’s marriage with Raj Kundra being stuck in an unfortunate situation when the buzz comes that John Abraham’s two-year-old marriage with venture investor Priya Runchal is confronting harsh climate.john priya

An associate of John uncovers, “They’ve floated separated. There’s nothing seriously  between them. Yet, then there was nothing so directly between them for things to turn out badly.” According to a source, the developing break is because of their long-distance  marriage.

“The couple is not really together. These days separation doesn’t make the heart become fonder, yet makes the heart meander. John needs to invest energy with his better half. Be that as it may, his profession keeps him occupied here and she too won’t require some serious energy off from her occupation in the US. She isn’t happy with John’s Bollywood companions either,” says the source. The couple needs to deal with their disparities and how they do it is altogether up to them.  – CINEWS

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