Jonathan Pryce plays Shylock

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Jonathan Pryce…”Never thought  I would play the famous Shakespeare character.”

Jonathan Pryce is no stranger to William Shakespeare, but one play he has refused to do is “The Merchant of Venice” — until now.

Fresh off two seasons on “Game of Thrones” as High Sparrow, the Tony winner is now on an international tour as Shylock in a Shakespeare’s Globe production that co-stars his daughter, Phoebe Pryce.

The tour takes him to Washington, D.C., and Chicago this summer before a fall tour of five Chinese cities, including Hong Kong and Beijing, a return to the Globe in London and a bow in Venice. He said this may be his last Shakespeare play.

Asked why has it taken so long for you to do this part Pryce said ‘I’ve never really liked the play. I never thought I’d play Shylock. When the Globe asked me last year to do it, I immediately said, ‘No. It’s not something I want to do.’ And then I thought, ‘I usually say no or yes too quick.’ There are projects I can look back on where I wish I’d said ‘no.’ So I said, ‘Give me the weekend so I can read it again.’

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