Journalist Jason Rezaian sentenced by Iranian Court, verdict unknown

Washington D.C., Oct. 12 (ANI): An Iranian court has sentenced Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian in an espionage case but the verdict and the sentence announced by the court is unknown.

According to CNN, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei, a judiciary spokesman has confirmed the sentence but denied any information on the details of the verdict.

The ruling can be appealed by Rezaian’s lawyer within 20 days, Mohseni Ejei added.

Rezaian’s family, after the announcement, cried foul and said that the lack of details shows disobedience to Iranian law as well as the international law.

The foreign editor of the Washington Post Doug Jehl said that the verdict is a total sham and the matter is not decided by the court but in the political spheres in Iran.

Rezaian was a bureau chief of the Washington Post in Tehran. He was detained in Iran in July 2014 in an espionage case and has been in jail for more than a year despite international outcry. (ANI)

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